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Shelter (Single) 2019

The first fully collaborative project with Jodi Gaines and Eleni Skiba, Shelter is a heartfelt acoustic rock ballad written for those going through hard times or struggling with sadness or depression - something all of us go through at some point in our lives.

The raw acoustics lend to the emotion and intensity of the song. Starting with a slow finger-picking rhythm, the melody, along with Jodi's voice and lyrics, builds to a happier tone taking you on the full emotional journey from melancholy to sunshine.

Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar / Jodi Gaines
Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals / Eleni Skiba
Bass Guitar / Jeff Coulter
Drums, Percussion / Bryan Lamar
Background Vocals / Al Johnson
Photography / Bryan Lamar

Design & Layout / JGE Productions

Co-written by Jodi Gaines and Eleni Skiba. Co-produced By Jodi Gaines, Eleni Skiba, Jeff Coulter & Bryan Lamar

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Rain Cat Recording Studio, Stuart, Florida

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Soul Sugar (EP) 2018

On her debut EP, American singer, songwriter Jodi Gaines delivers a genre bending, deeply personal experience to listeners.

Soul Sugar is a compilation of soulful, sultry, hard hitting themes about love and loss alongside edgy "finding yourself" anthems that just about everyone can relate to. It's a unique blend of soul, rock, folk, pop and a very slight hint of country, all tied together with strong, velvety vocals and smooth guitar riffs.

The EP single and title song "Soul Sugar" is a creative mix of soul and pop centered around a multitude of percussive elements designed to get your toes tapping and your fingers snapping, while "In These Arms" is a lively rock tune about living in the moment and enjoying newly found love.

"Don't Wait on Time" is a melancholy folk ballad with heady guitar riffs that chronicles an unexpected friendship, regrets, remembrance and the notion of “too little time" that go hand in hand when experiencing devastating loss.

"Not Afraid" started out as what Jodi affectionately refers to as her "angry song." Over time, it evolved into an anthem for anyone struggling to find their own voice and fighting to be heard. The lyrics, combined with edgy guitar licks and deep bass drums, gives the song a rolling momentum that leaves the listener a bit breathless once the last drum beat drops.

"Anything" is an ethereal ballad with stripped down classical guitar, haunting violin and sultry lyrics that describe being immersed in a moment, opening up and giving everything of yourself.

Fitting these songs into just one genre was just impossible - nothing fit inside one box,” said Jodi. "When I let that go, and just wrote what I was feeling and experiencing, the songs took on their own life. It's a unique blend of blues, rock, folk, pop and country - but somehow, it all fits together, and I'm incredibly proud of the finished product."

Soul Sugar was built around minimalistic arrangements, acoustic guitar melodies along with creative drum and percussive elements. "Everything is organic," said Jodi, "Even the finger snaps and claps. They were all created by another human with hands on an instrument or a voice on the mic."


Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar / Jodi Gaines
Background Vocals / Eleni Skiba
Lead, Rhythm Guitar / Ed Berrios
Classical Guitar (Anything) / Gary Beckett
Violin (Anything) / Rebecca Dawkins O'donnell
Bass Guitar / Jeff Coulter
Drums, Percussion / Bryan Lamar
Photography / Gaciel Santana Photography

Design & Layout / JGE Productions

Co-produced By Jodi Gaines, Jeff Coulter & Bryan Lamar

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Rain Cat Recording Studio, Stuart, Florida

Photographs Taken At The Kelsey Theater, Lake Park, Florida

Available on:

iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify

Butterflies (Single) 2016

Butterflies, an acoustic blues and soul ballad, is the debut single of singer/songwriter Jodi Gaines. The smooth, stripped down guitar, subtle snares, and the deep resonance of the vocals creates a visceral experience meant to invoke the feelings we get when we're nervous, unsure, excited or passion-filled.

Lead Vocal / Jodi Gaines
Lead, Rhythm Guitar / Jake Walden
Bass Guitar / Geoff Livingston

Design & Layout / JGE Productions

Written by Jodi Gaines. Co-produced By Jodi Gaines and John Russ

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at DC Studios, West Palm Beach, Florida

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